Voskehat is an ancient Armenian autochthonous grape variety and “the queen” of Armenian grapes. Some of its vines around the country have endured over 150 years and are still fruitful. The cultivation of Voskehat began about 3.5 thousand years ago, as shown by numerous archeological excavations of Teishebaini. During those excavations, the analysis of fossilized seeds showed that some of them belonged to Voskehat. Translating to golden berry, Voskehat is a late-ripening variety that is widespread in Ashtarak, Ejmiatsin and Armavir. It is also cultivated in other regions in varietal or mixed vineyards. Voskehat's berry has a yellow-white or amber hue with small brown spots.
Style of Wine and Food Pairings

Unique and resourceful viticulturists and winemakers craft works of art from Voskehat, based on endowed features from the golden berries. The resulting Voskehat wines amaze you with straw color and golden shades, sometimes with a pale golden and green reflection. Depending on the production method, Voskehat turns into obviously pungent and crisp wines. The prevailing aromas of fresh white fruits, hints of citrus like lime peel, freshly cut grass, as well as gentle aromas of alpine valley flowers excite you endlessly. In the aftertaste you encounter pleasant acidity and flavors of bee wax.

Voskehat wines can be harmonious with sweet shellfish, chicken, turkey, pork, veal, as well as risotto, pasta, creamy and butter sauces. Foods dressed with piquant foods such as tomatoes and vinegar match perfectly with Voskehat wines. By itself, Voskehat is an alluring and fitting aperitif year-round.