Areni Noire

Sev Areni, or Areni Noire, as they like to call it abroad, is one of the most treasured Armenian indigenous grape varieties. Some of its grapevines that are as old as 120-year-old, can still be found in Armenia. Sev Areni can be found almost in all Armenian viticulture areas, but it is mainly spread in the western part of the Vayotz Dzor region, along the Arpa river bank. This old variety originates from the same gorge where the oldest winery in the world (4100 BC) has been excavated, and archeogenetic studies speak to its uninterrupted cultivation spanning millennia.

Style of Wine and Food Pairings

Wines made from Sev Areni, whilst young, are notable for their intense color, expressed acidity and freshness. In the bouquet are delicate aromas of cherry, blackcurrant and black pepper. Having the privilege of exposure to Armenian oak, reserve or oak-aged Areni grows noble and velvety, enriched with aromas of blackberry, plum, black olive and pomegranate. These wines are a unique reflection of Vayots Dzor’s terroir.
Areni Noire is perfectly matched with veal and lamb dishes, roasted poultry, meat gravy casseroles, hard cheeses and grilled forest mushroom. The best sensations will be transmitted to you with the marvelous pairing of Areni wines with traditional Armenian barbecue, accompanied with national songs.

 Courtesy of Vine and Wine Foundation of Armenia