About Stork Vineyards and Wine

Cascara Gourmet is proud to be importing Stork wine. The vineyard planted with vines of endemic white Kangoun variety is located in Ararat valley in Armenia, with a magnificent view of Mount Ararat. Our wine is a tribute to storks and the label features a flying stork.

Our founder was inspired by these magnificent creatures as he drove around the Armenian countryside and photographed them in their habitats. The journeys took him to the villages of Armash, Surenavan, Areni, Arpi, Yelpin and many others, in the provinces of Armavir, Aragatsotn, Ararat and Vayots Dzor. Here, we share with and invite you to enjoy some of the pictures of flying storks he took.



Stork 2020 Vintage available in the UK

Crafted from Kangoun grapes this crisp dry white wine is made to delight the palate and stir the soul. It's an homage to magnificent Storks who seasonally migrate to live and raise their young alongside the grapes of Ararat valley.