Banants is an indigenous Armenian variety typical to the northeast of Armenia and partially to the Ararat Valley (Ararat, Armavir and Aragatsotn provinces). Banants is characterized by large, more often cylindrical and sometimes conical, quite dense bunches with large, round, yellow-green berries. The skin is thick, covered with a dense layer of bloom: the flesh is juicy and slightly tart. Banants is late ripening and highly productive. Its first harvest is usually in the third to fourth year after planting and reaches its highest fertility in its seventh to eighth year. Fully ripe berries have low sweetness and acidity. Banants is used to make Armenian brandy, sparkling wines, table wines and juices. The variety makes well balanced wines with a harmonious bouquet and palate. Photo and textual descriptions are derived from the book, Armenian Vine and Wine, Yerevan, 2017.

Courtesy of Vine and Wine Foundation of Armenia