Originally from the ancient Armenian land of Urmia, Kakhet is translated as a ''hung grape’,' deriving its name from times when grapes were hung from nets to dry over winter. Nowadays, this autochthonous, late-ripening variety is widely spread in the region of Ararat. Kakhet is used for varietal wines as well as in blends together with Sev Areni, Haghtanak and other prominent red varieties.

Style of Wine and Food Pairings

Armenia’s unique and historically rich terroir allows for crafting wines from the Kakhet grape of varying styles. Kakhet’s terroir-driven and stunning, light aromas of blackberry and blackcurrant, fig and plum are enhanced by black pepper, spices and smoky notes
The expressive flavors yet delicate features of Kakhet can be enjoyed in the presence of pork, veal, lamb or venison dressed with mushroom sauce and served with herbs. Charmingly soft and significantly rich in flavor, with balanced tannin structure Kakhet can complement a range of savory dishes.