“Karmir-hyut” means red juice. Karmrahyut's juice is deep in color. It is mainly spread in the Tavush region.


Style of Wine and Food Pairings

Besides having great potential for producing a varietal wine, due to its intense color, Karmrahyut is also used in blends with other red varieties – mainly Areni and Kakhet – to enrich the overall structure. It expresses aromas of cranberries, litchi, cherries, plums, blackcurrant and rose petals. Aged in Armenian oak barrels, Karmrahyut develops notes of white pepper, cloves, vanilla and cinnamon.
The savory characteristics of Karmrahyut thrive with aged cheese and spicy meat stews. Bright flavors and elegant texture will allure your senses when pairing Karmrahyut with barbecued meats, beef served with a full flavored sauce, or with tomato based dishes such as pizza or Bolognese.