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Stork wine and vineyards

Stork Vineyards, Ararat Valley, Armenia

Grape Harvest at Stork Vineyard

Stork 2020 vintage harvest on a beautiful sunny day in Ararat Valley in Armenia!

Stork 2020 Vintage

Crafted from Kangoun grapes in Armenia, this crisp dry white wine is made to delight the palate. It is an homage to magnificent storks who seasonally migrate to live and raise their young alongside the grapes of Ararat valley in Armenia. Please see our latest news and blog section and the products page where we will be posting updates on the Stork 2020 journey!

Armenian Wines are Kicking with Quality

Forbes article: Armenian wines - despite a checkered past - look toward a brilliant future.

In a land resembling a cross between rural Utah, inland California and South Pass, Wyoming, with a capital city (Yerevan) that is safe, attractive and progressive, modern Armenian winemakers are a diverse and hardy lot. Read the full article here.

Inspiration behind the brand name

The Stork wine is a tribute to storks and the label features a flying stork. Our founder was inspired by these magnificent creatures as he drove around the Armenian countryside and photographed them in their habitats.